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Insta baby: Элизабет Риу и ее стройное тело

Мы уверены, что залогом твоего отличного дня является наша постоянная рубрика Insta baby. Сегодня тебя будет радовать красавица Элизабет Риу с идеальной улыбкой и идеальным телом.

Девушка успевает совмещать модельную карьеру и работу над собственной линией купальников. Мы не знаем, как ей это удается, но полтора миллиона подписчиков ее профиля в Instagram это ценят.

Все фото: Instagram-аккаунт elisabeth.rioux

I’m hungry 🍔 For a long time I thought confidence was about loving yourself, now I realize confidence is half loving yourself half not caring about the rest. Be you

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 2 Сен 2018 в 11:35 PDT

So proud of everything happening in my life rn and so grateful knowing it is all because of you ❤ My brand @hoaka_swimwear just ended its second summer, I feel like I started it a day ago but it’s been 2 years now 😭 I think this year was THE year of my career, I accomplished more than what I could dream of, I have done my own tv show, I have done many tv interviews (another one tonight at Denis Levesque, watch it 🇨🇦) , I finally have my interview in the Forbes Magazine @forbes (my fav business magazine) and so many things ! Alot of people think I am «just a girl taking photos in bikinis» but this is probably 2% of all I do, to know more you can search my name on youtube and watch my business interview. The reason why I want to talk about it today is very simple, I’ve been doing all these things, career wise I am so far but even with all the money, the fame, the attention, it was the year I was the less happy. I was not surrounded by the good people, I was so busy with work that I forgot to take time for myself. I succeeded in life but I didn’t succeed in MY life. It is my new goal now, I want to put my happiness before my work (my business does make me so so so happy but I need more than just that). Money or fame is not what is going to make you happy, be loved, love, and take time to do simple things that make you happy. Also, I’ve been «hiding» my money alot in the past year, you might have seen my cars abit in my stories in the past 2 weeks, the reason is that I don’t want to hide either, I want to be honest and show my real lifestyle, I don’t want a filter anymore BUT I’ll always remind you that THIS lifestyle is not what made me happy. Love you all ❤

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 29 Авг 2018 в 9:24 PDT

That’s what I am about to do about my life on instagram 🤷🏼‍♀️ here is the truth 🤗

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 24 Авг 2018 в 10:19 PDT

What if the end was tomorrow ? People often ask me what is my workout routine, truth is, yes the workout routine is important but the MOST important is your nutrition and that’s when you are going to see a real difference. That photo was taken the first day of my Peru trip, I have been eating suuuuper healthy for a while but while I was in Peru, we were barely eating (like one not complete meal a day + candies) because of the roadtrip experience and the lack of food on the road and after 8 days I could see a BIG difference (BAD difference) (no regret). If I get 10k comments on this photo I will post my nutrion routine, do we have a deal 🤙🏽

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 17 Авг 2018 в 9:11 PDT

I’ve been talking alot about the difficulty I am having to find good friends with good intentions, a year ago I decided to not post my friends anymore till I am suuuure they are here for me and not anything else. I met @lysandrenadeau a year ago now, she came to almost all my trips, you might have seen her in my stories a bunch of times but after this amazing trip in Peru, I cannot be more sure that she is real. I found someone who loves me for me and I havent feel that special for a long time 🙏🏽 We have an extremely different lifestyle, those who know her already know BUT we have the same values and we are both really honest. She brings me in her party lifestyle and I bring her in my travel lifestyle and we do both in a wild way 🤷🏼‍♀️ love you @lysandrenadeau and you are gonna start seeing more photos with her now cause I won’t keep them for us anymore ❤

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 6 Авг 2018 в 8:47 PDT

Not doing things for people is just as fake as doing things for people 💥 Didn’t want to post it but fuck off, what represents my life better than my mornings ❤ I had a super post ready for today, the final of my last post but this morning was so rainy, I am so not productive today and don’t wanna act like it ☔ this is basically what I’ll be doing all day long : sleep and netflix with my babies 🙏🏽 2 dodos avant la Jamaique 💤

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 22 Июл 2018 в 8:37 PDT

The body positivity message is for everyone suffering of having low self confidence. It is not made for a specific type of body. This message is extremely important for me and it is the message I am trying to spread over my plateformes. On this instagram account, I feel this pressure of always posting the perfect angle photo, «it doesn’t fit your message». well I’m not saying the opposite but remember YOU (in general) are the people saying they want to see all body types but only following a very specific one ? Look at who you follow and reconsider «why are you following them». «instagram model» can have a personality too but is it really the reason why you follow them ? I’m so annoyed to see girls that have absolutely no personality on social media becoming famous so fast with posting iphone photos of their boobs and always the same type of caption «it was a sunny day ☀» and then they are called «inspirations» while I see other girls being far from these standards talking about very interesting opinions and posting wonderful photos not gaining and wondering «why doesn’t it work for me?». Well the sad truth is that in entertainment, it is much easier when you «look hot». You can succeed without looking like megan fox, it’s just gonna be much harder. Imagine me doing the exact same work looking like megan fox ? I would be so much farther and imagine me doing the exact same work looking super far from the standards ? I wouldn’t be there and most of you wouldnt be here reading this caption. There is alot of people out here that have much more than a body or a face, their soul is amazing and worth to discover. Give them a chance, reconsider why you are following some instagrammers and make sure the people you follow are healthy for you. I’m just a girl using my body to make you understand this injustice with my captions and my other account @hoaka_swimwear . The industry needs to change. Know that the industry is based on what the consumer consume, you can’t blame magazines and publicities for showing you that. In publicity you need to give the consumer what they want, prove them you want realism and they will stop giving you fake. We are the ones to blame.

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 17 Июн 2018 в 8:53 PDT

About to dive in, not sure I want to come back 🤙🏽 velvet @hoaka_swimwear 👙

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 15 Июн 2018 в 10:47 PDT

Sometimes I wear clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️🌅 outfit @bronzais

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 3 Июн 2018 в 9:08 PDT

@musujewels x @hoaka_swimwear ☀ the only reasons why I am here, you thought it was for the formula ? 😋

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 27 Май 2018 в 9:43 PDT

So excited about this new velvet color I just launched on @hoaka_swimwear 😭 Well, 3 new coloooors 💦💦💦 all available in 10 top sizes, 5 types of bottom 👙 international express shipping 🌎

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 11 Апр 2018 в 10:37 PDT

Wanted to get a cute dress picture but the new me came out

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 13 Апр 2018 в 12:02 PDT

Another morning with @boohoo 🐬 (acting like I was drinking tea but my cup was empty 🤷🏼‍♀️) why am I not able to lie and act like my life is so healthy without doing weird captions exposing my own self 🙇🏼‍♀️

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 5 Апр 2018 в 12:45 PDT

Hong Kong was unreal 🇭🇰 now back in Canada to meet you this weekend, I’ll be at the @hoaka_swimwear warehouse BIG sale with some friends to answer all of your questions about how to start a business or just your questions in general 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll also bring some samples from our next collection to show you what’s coming AND we will sell 3 new designs that are not available on our website yet, you’ll be the first ones to have it 💦 more infos on Hoaka’s page, can’t wait to meet you this weekend 🇨🇦

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 14 Дек 2017 в 1:31 PST

How I feel about life right now, I feel lost in a happy place 🌍 the world is beautiful and has so many things to offer, I would like to experience everything but I am still human and I can’t. I have to make choices and I know I need to choose things that makes ME happy but I am not even sure what makes me happy at the moment.. maybe there is just no bad decision, that’s what I think but I am also afraid I am wrong and I do something that ends up making me sad 🌊 I guess life is about taking chances and giving chances too? well, even tho I am travelling and surrounded by amazing people always remember that we are all humans, we all have feelings, we all have ups and down in our lives but we all need to focus on the positive 🙌🏼 I am saying that cause some think I have «the perfect life» because I always look super happy but even people like me have their downs and this is normal it is a part of life. Without downs we wouldnt be grateful to have our up moments 🙏🏽 photo by the talented @shangerdanger

Публикация от Elisabeth Rioux 👙 (@elisabeth.rioux) 16 Сен 2017 в 7:53 PDT